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One Smart Indian


"Robert Seidman's novel is one of the classics in its field. It shouldn't be missed."

–Tony Hillerman, author

"One Smart Indian is an astonishing act of empathy, imagination on a rampage. It is enthusiastic. Numbers, measurements, footfalls, particularities, gnashings – all have emotional weight and rain, a drumbeat, a quality of caring. Fathers and sons do their best. Animism, ritual, exercise, courtship and honor have their magical uses. Someone has taken the trouble to write a novel that is interesting without being cheap."
–John Leonard, New York Times

"One Smart Indian is about worlds in conflict. The book's chief virtue is the matter-of-fact tone that Seidman brings to his descriptions of American Indian life. So we are almost as wrenched as Tumbling Hawk is when he is captured and 'civilized' into Thomas Hyde. Seidman makes it work. His rediscovery of the old truths is as thrilling, in a novel full of more obvious excitements, as it is doomed, in a novel permeated by the sight and scent of death."
–Geoffrey Stokes, Village Voice

"Tumbling Hawk's defeat as pre-written by history. Seidman looks closely at both white and Indians societies and comes up with penetrating criticisms of each. He never claims the boundaries between right and wrong, or strong and weak, are easy to define. He backs you into a corner until you're not sure whom you're rooting for."
–Carol A. Foote, Los Angeles Times