On Sat. 24 Oct. at 3:30 P.M. I will be reading from "Moments Captured" at the Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. The address is 721 Broadway, Department of Photo & Imaging, 8th floor (​P: ​212.998.1926). The event is free. Excerpts from the well-reviewed novel, loosely based on the work of the eccentric 19th century photographer Edweard Muybridge, will be accompanied by a Power Point presentation illustrating Muybridge's pioneering innovations in his quest to capture motion. This "technological romance" includes love, sex, violence, the continent-spanning railroad and the invention of the first —or second— motion picture projector.

On July 29 2014. Today I published a new novel on line. It's called "The All American Game" and is available for purchase at $5.99.

"The All American Game" is a deft, fast-paced excursion into the worlds of the Native American, of the gambling casino, of sports and sex and the tensions induced at an upscale college. The novel features characters who will stay with you and situations that pack drama into familiar and unfamiliar worlds.

Will Fox, the young Seneca protagonist of the novel is a bright wiseguy who’s a lacrosse star. After a dangerous, soul-searching stint in jail, Will tries to go straight by attending an elite, almost all-white Ivy League-type college. He’s in and out of trouble in the classroom, on the lacrosse field and in the winner-take-all attempt to secure a gambling casino for the Iroquois. In the quest for the gambling mecca he’s the protégé of his unforgettable grandfather, Standing Bear, who has an ingrained distrust—alright, hatred—of the white man. The reader’s tossed back and forth as Will makes the challenging sometimes instantaneous commute between two very different cultures. Meanwhile, Will’s off-and-on devotion to his Mohawk love Anne runs into complications when he becomes involved with an upscale young white woman. The exciting climax of the public action comes when the Tribe inches very close to a deal for a casino with the New York State legislature. Anne and Will reconcile, at least temporarily, at the novel's end.

Book II of "The All American Game" will dramatically detail Will and Iroquois’ struggle to make the casino a reality. Book III in the series will present the soaring highs and plummeting lows of running a new gambling casino in Upstate New York. Racial issues, sex, politics, Native American traditions under stress combine to make this trio of novels unforgettable page-turners. Read "The All American Game," Part I, today on line at:


Seidman’s the author of three previous novels. "One Smart Indian" (Overlook Press, 1980; never out of print) was extolled by the chief reviewer of the New York Times, John Leonard:

“One Smart Indian. . . is very good indeed. . . One of the nice aspects of Mr. Seidman is that he does not shy away from difficult narrative moments . . . .These pages . . . are stunning. Culture shock becomes art. The organization of knowledge is itself a weapon and a prison. . . . One Smart Indian is an astonishing act of empathy, imagination on a rampage. Someone has taken the trouble to write a novel that is interesting without being cheap.”

The author’s most recent novel, "Moments Captured," has been greeted by multiple raves. See Seidman’s Amazon site for critics’ and readers’ responses. "Moments Captured" is published by The Overlook Press in cloth, paper and as an E-book. It has also been published in England by The Duckworth Press.

The paperback edition of "Moments Captured" was published by The Overlook Press on 5 Feb. 2014. "Moments Captured" was published in England by The Duckworth Press on 22 May 2014.

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A review of Seidman's "Moments Captured" that appeared in "Curled Up with a Good Book" in early December 2012
There are indelible characters, both historical and fictional: the tireless experimenter Muybridge; the impassioned feminist Holly Hughes, a gifted dancer and strong-minded feminist; Denise Faveraux, Holly’s friend and sometime companion, a prostitute with a fast ironic mind and the hard-won knowledge of how to protect herself from the profession’s worst nightmare, disease; Leland Stanford, the master builder California ex-Governor whose transcontinental ambitions conflict with Holly’s commitment to female equality; Jacques Fauconier, the flamboyant self-assured French sometime lover of Holly; Samuel Montague, the ingenious chief engineer of the Central Pacific who provides Muybridge with the decisive element in his quest to capture the trotting horse; Collis Ward, Stanford’s sneaky snaky assistant; Thomas Alva Edison, the brilliant inventor/promoter who cleverly cashes in on Muybridge’s motion picture project. There are cameo appearances by historical/fictional individuals, including the photographer Matthew Brady, the painter Jean-Leon Gerome and Walt Whitman. A teeming, multitudinous canvas, as crammed with life and conflict as the Gilded Age itself.
"One Smart Indian is an astonishing act of empathy."
–John Leonard, New York Times
Positive reviews extolled the novel's ability to combine compelling mystery with a fascinating story about a young couple's relationship and class in America.
A timeless annotation of the greatest novel of the 20th century, James Joyce's Ulysses. Why read Joyce's great novel without this indispensable guide?

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